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Friday, August 24, 2012

hug | santa monica, ca family photography

i love this family. like crazy love them.

they are kind, playful, gorgeous, heart-filled, tell great stories AND they love the beach and surf together?  done.  i'm hooked.

i first photographed them when sweet skye was just 8 months old and we captured her putting her toes in the ocean for the first time.
now sister mya is here and we did the same for her. 

this shoot was a full day of play.  we started with nap time for mya and worked our way thru outfits,  giggles,  dancing ring around the rosie,  the beach,  and wrapped with a walk on the pier... carousel rides and bubble tea. 

oh and just because we could (i was staying with them) we played the next morning too..

please forgive the way too many images in this post.  i really couldn't help myself.

baby lips. 
good morning mya!

set this shot up to be replica of one we took of  her sister at this age.   be still my heart.  those eyes!  


mama loves to dress the girls in hats.  i have zero trouble with this!  LOOVE.

shy smile.

listening for 'elephants'...

mommy and daddy kisses.

butterfly kisses.

and eskimo kisses. 

nom nom.

brave brave girl.  she was scared, but with daddy's strong hand.. she rode the fastest carousel i've ever been on.  
side note.. shooting while riding a speeding carousel... buurrgh.

oh good morning sweety.

skye telling me a story.  it was brilliant. 

playing the best game of giggle flop ever. 

'our family photos are our art' -- thank you.. i am honored.  
 -- images of baby skye from our first session behind us.. and her one year session adorns the living room and hallway --


  1. What is your secret, Heaven? Do you and sunlight keep each other on speed-dial? You have a remarkable hand, a precious eye and a gift for timing that a table-tennis Olympian would envy! Kudos. I love them. I like CRAZY love them!

  2. (repost)

    wow.. thank you so much!! you are good for the soul stephen... not only do you paint with your camera but with your words. gorgeous.

    oh and sunlight and i? yeah, we get each other... it's a love thing. :)

  3. Go on with your bad self Heaven. You are such a gift to this world and especially those that are lucky enough to be seen through your magical lens! K

  4. awww! thank you so much kathy. that means so much coming from one i admire so. ((hugs))