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Saturday, April 2, 2011

tweed ride 2011 | portland


fun to say. fun to wear. fun to bike in? i had no idea this was a thing, to bike in tweed...but apparently it is. there are tweed ride events that take place annually not only here in portland but all over the U.S. and abroad.

details for this years global schedule can be found on the 'tweed report'

the portland tweed ride met up at nw 18th and front streets. it was kind of thrilling to see them all pedaling in....tweeded up peeps with pipes, hats, gloves, dapper duds of all variety.

there were two portland tweed rides this year, and while the ride last month had been virtuous. the ride today was all about vice. flasks, fishnets, pipes and garters were abundant...and appreciated.

while i attended tonight's tweed ride sans bike, i was inspired. next year i'm going to rock it out in my tweedy best...i can't wait!

p.s. if you participated in this tremendous event...leave a comment and let us know how the ride was from your perspective and where you all ended up!

oh yes..her bag is made of ... well.. remember this was all about 'vice' :)

then a band of rebel skate boarders arrived .... fabulous!

the pipes..although they maybe a vice...smelled delicious! almost like a toasty warm pastry.

oh yeah.. and me. thanks 'p' for taking a photo. i definitely need to step it up a notch if i want to do this next year. i'm kinda mock tweedy.

there were a group of tweeds collected the up side of front street and another by the water. they converged to one large group via this lovely trail.

'raaawwwr.. celebrate the tweed!'

and of course there were bubbles.. why wouldn't there be?!

gentleman taking a photo..

ok, two gentlepeople taking photos.. what am i missing here...

oh i see!

poor dear ... just a little late...everyone had already been mingling for an hour.. but he made it JUST in time!

and here they come! yey!!

because i don't have the heart to not post everyone's image.. or at least as many as i can...the rest of these are mostly for the tweeders. but please..if you want to peek and get inspired for next year.. view on young chaps and chappettes.. view on.

'toodle pip...have a truly scrump·tious ride!'