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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First Thursday with Dog-atude!

Summer has arrived and so has my perma-grin!

I 'suffer' through the nine months of grey + cool for this yummy sun and these perfect temps. Portland is awash with smiling faces and WAY too many fun things to do.

The one that puts a giddy in my 'yup is First Thursdays in the Pearl. They are the perfect nightcap to a Portland Summer's day. This first Thursday (7/2) I will be hanging out with the ever amazing Theresa at Dogstar. Dogstar a full service dog/cat boarding + day care + grooming + FABU-LOS retail store located at 1313 NW Kearney in the Pearl District

Theresa will be unveiling new artwork, will have plenty of wine for sipping, treats for the pups + I am giving a FREE e-portrait for every pup that has their human sign up for the monthly newsletter. We will also be raffling off a full 'Dog In the City' photo session-including $300 print credit + Dogstar gift certificates!!!!

So come on by...bring the furr babies an join us in what will be a paw slappin' good time.

{NEED a dose of cute? Come snuggle a kitten...she has those too. Heck take one home with you and make it the night your family grew by 1!}

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adoption rules!

I just came back, and when I say just I mean 6 hrs ago, from photographing make-me-talk-way-too-high, get-caught-in-your-heart adorable kittens. My very kind & wonderful friend is fostering a litter of unwanted babies and they are just about ready to find their forever homes.

I walked out of there in awe at what & how much Zoe is willing to give to the animals. What she is doing is amazing! While working essentially three jobs, (and right now she is very ill) she takes in the unwanted adoptable cats and kittens of Portland. She has helped so many that I have actually lost count of how many sick animals she has nursed back to health. She is in my mind, the animals patron saint.

The babies she has now are the MOST adorable of adorables. They were bottle fed for weeks and are now being weaned to solid food. Like a mama kitty that is DONE nursing, Zoe gives a little hiss to let the babies know that bottle time is over. Tummies get filled with the food in the bowls now. {gotta love a girl that can hiss}

So now it's up to you...these sweet innocents need someone to love them. Is that you? Are you ready to grow your family? If so, please leave me a comment and I will hook you up with the info to get all the kitten-ee goodness you can handle. {kittens are available for adoption through Pixie Project}


Thank you & remember to spay and neuter!