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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

your wish is my command | miracle on 21st st

so it's dark out.. i mean like end of day sun is setting we should be eating dinner dark. thing is, it's only 10am. this is true fall/winter in portland and it will be this way now for many months.

i don't hate the grey... (ok, maybe i do just a little tiny bit) but what i struggle with is that i find it HIGHLY unmotivating to do.. well.. anything! however, with a stack of to-dos on my desk about 5 million and six deep, i MUST do.

so with caffeine installed, i begin my work day with emails. as i begin scrolling down, taking care of this and that i see that one of my Daily Sniffers has sent me a few updated photos of his furr kiddos. yey! in the email he mentions that the first photo was kinda pinky due to the fact that the sunrise that morning was AMAZING.

i replied.. thanked him for the dose of morning cute and sighed heavily as i told him there was a sunrise here this morning, only i couldn't see it... and that oh how i wished i could see it.

email reply sent i'm back focused on taming my in-bin.. when i see another email come in with the subject line, 'your wish is my command' really? oh goodie!

i open it up and there was this.

i smiled the biggest goofy grin and giggled a lot. yes, sunrises and other wishes may not always show up like you expect them to... but if you insist on living in portland this may be the best the universe can do on the fly. and for my money, today right this moment.. this way was infinitely better.

thank you for making my day Mr R.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011