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Thursday, November 18, 2010

leg warmers and other stuff

If you follow my ramblings on here, you will know that I did my own boudoir shoot a few years back and you will also know how I feel about them and their power to give a woman a sense of herself her beauty and her strength. {to read about it *click here* oh and no that is not me in the photo}

When I met miss Vee she had enough energy to light a small city. A boudoir shoot was on her bucket list and yeee haw...we were gonna get that taken care of! I've never been on someone's bucket list before..kinda sorta cool. : )

I truly adore this woman. She not only brought an ipad full of tunes + photo inspiration, she brought leg warmers and fun stripy socks! What makes that so special to me is that she didn't just bring what she thought she was 'supposed' to bring...she brought what defines her, what she loves and what makes her spirit happy.

Vee, you made my day sweet and filled it with laughter... It was an honor to be a part of your journey.

{makeup is by Fez Vartan...fabulous talent/huge heart/wonderful man, highly recomended!}

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

major first steps

i'm always amazed when i can be there for the 'firsts' in my clients lives. it happens more often that not. The first time the baby can sit up on their own, the first clap, the first step.

i hope these first steps make you smile.

and i hope you celebrate every first in your own lives.

Monday, November 15, 2010

perfect wedding guide show | heathman hotel

This is the culmination of all that work. my first *green chair table* so SO happy with how it turned out. Complete with green fuzzy balls! --- thank you stephanie!

This table is a perfect pairing of ideas/design from stephanie + zoe + myself..gooo team! Collaboration is the best.

petalos table + floral design ... mmm mmm good.

event table by Gather + florals by Petalos

The last three weeks are a complete blurr of album design/marketing/table scape design/and very little sleep. I would like to say that I was on top of things, but I must enjoy the excitement of waiting till the last moment, cuz that's what I seemed to have done on at least a few details.

But it all came together on November 13th at the Heathman Hotel, downtown Portland on a very foggy rainy Saturday. And now .... I breathe.

A ginormous thank you to Stephanie Major of Petalos Floral design + Zoe Phillips of Lettuce who surpassed my expectations on every level.

a cast of characters:

events by gather - event coordinator
petalos floral design - bridal bouquet and table design
heathman hotel - fabulous event location
perfect wedding guide - judy mcmanus

[+ about 100 other amazing vendors and providers...]

OH...and did I mention, my skills of manifestation are improving daily? oh yes.. I had the table next to the bacon wrapped dates prepared by Papa Haydn. Matt + papa haydn it's true love, I know it! Or would that just be bacon lust? Anyhow...now back to my life as I knew it.



Friday, November 12, 2010

mikey + gina | light and love

It recently came to my attention (like 30 seconds ago) that I never shared this good looking couple with you all. You may remember them from their freakishly adorable engagement session (if not give it a go over yonder ho...*click*). They are sweet/in love most extraordinarily/and I adore them. Enjoy the love I was privileged to witness.