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Monday, November 15, 2010

perfect wedding guide show | heathman hotel

This is the culmination of all that work. my first *green chair table* so SO happy with how it turned out. Complete with green fuzzy balls! --- thank you stephanie!

This table is a perfect pairing of ideas/design from stephanie + zoe + myself..gooo team! Collaboration is the best.

petalos table + floral design ... mmm mmm good.

event table by Gather + florals by Petalos

The last three weeks are a complete blurr of album design/marketing/table scape design/and very little sleep. I would like to say that I was on top of things, but I must enjoy the excitement of waiting till the last moment, cuz that's what I seemed to have done on at least a few details.

But it all came together on November 13th at the Heathman Hotel, downtown Portland on a very foggy rainy Saturday. And now .... I breathe.

A ginormous thank you to Stephanie Major of Petalos Floral design + Zoe Phillips of Lettuce who surpassed my expectations on every level.

a cast of characters:

events by gather - event coordinator
petalos floral design - bridal bouquet and table design
heathman hotel - fabulous event location
perfect wedding guide - judy mcmanus

[+ about 100 other amazing vendors and providers...]

OH...and did I mention, my skills of manifestation are improving daily? oh yes.. I had the table next to the bacon wrapped dates prepared by Papa Haydn. Matt + papa haydn it's true love, I know it! Or would that just be bacon lust? Anyhow...now back to my life as I knew it.



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