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Monday, September 19, 2011

deacon | portland child photography

daddy races motorcycles...gotta protect those fresh new eardrums. :)

sisters giggling and telling stories... my sides hurt.


deacon and his sweet auntie

and one can not forget the most special... miss daaaaaaaabi. :) loves you dab!

oh so about two years ago i met this wacky adorable funny and awesome family. it maybe took me a wee little while to post.

this session was a giftie for stephanie and her sister's mum and pa. so it was just us girls + deacon. and well... stephanie and her sister laugh a lot! so we totally bonded. :)

you maybe saw this little nugget take his first steps? if not you can peeky over yonder.. can you believe how much he's grown? yeeps.

and since i seem to be surrounded by the most talented amazing people, you simply must adore stephanie and her work. i command thee. she is the owner and styling + flower goddess of petalos floral design.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the gilberts | portland family photography

it started with an invitation from daddy

and then... some jumping

a bear hug

some squeals

a longing stare at the pastry case

a cool refreshing beverage

a few cheerios

attitude + admiration

a little love

just cuz headshots

family giggles

some sustenance

some peeky boo

some shoulder rides

and some silly

catch up on blogging ... catch up on blogging.. catch up on blogging..

it's always on my todo list.. but rarely checked off. however, i read something yesterday that inspired me. it was a post from danielle laporte on non-time-management. i loved it! since i pretty much suck at it anyway, i was WAY ready to hear how i could not not do it better.

i wrote down the main points pinned them to my inspiration board and went to bed.

this morning as i plopped into my office chair and set about to work on 'stuff' i read tip #3

... 'Ask yourself every morning what you really feel like doing' wow.. that's a revelation...huh, ok.

so i asked. but what i heard myself saying was a bit surprising, 'i REEEALY want to blog!!' really? 'YES REAALY!'

ok then. i blog.


this shoot took place on a cool march day in 2010. with the gilberts moving to tennessee the next day, we had just a few hours to capture them as a family enjoying a last romp around the town.

it's really a shame they aren't any fun ;P

portland isn't the same with out you all.. we miss you!

(p.s. stephen is a brilliant human + photographer..to see more of his work click here or check out ye ol' blog post here.)