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Thursday, July 12, 2007



Color tabs

chew toy or dog bowl?

That's the Aqua-Fur all packed up and ready for transport

"pack a puddle"

I don't think there are any T-rex about...

Last month I made the 3.5 hr trip from Portland to Bend. Oh my what a beautiful city....sunny, friendly people, rushing rivers, mountains...all you could ever want!

All that and they love their dogs too... what's not to like? I spent the weekend with the owners of Tazlab, their most adorable son and their extremely talented dog Tasman. Tazlab is a company that produces the best collars on the planet. : -) Visit their website to find out why..www.tazlab.com

I HIGHLY recommend that if you own a dog, they be wearing a Tazlab Safety Collar. Every year hundreds of beloved dogs die because their "lovely" collars get caught on a fence or tree. Please visit their website www.tazlab.com to purchase one for your pup.

As fabulous as the collars are, that was not brought me to Bend. I was at the Tazlab headquarters to photograph their new line of indestructible...fun to play with...portable.. packable...pourable..bucketable (OK.. that is so not a word...but) Dog Bowls called Aqua-Fur. They are available in 4 scrumptious colors...so you can totally coordinate with your new collar.

The Aqua-Fur is available now and coming soon is their "Pack a Puddle". It is a Super lightweight portable dog bowl. So small that it can fold up to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs in at just 1 oz. (Check out the hand holding that diminutive bowl at www.tazlab.com.. hey...ok, maybe I didn't take ALL the photos : -)

Thanks Tazlab for great day! A splashy, chewy good time was had by all.

You guys are Awesome!

(and you make a rocking great iced coffee.. YUmmmmm!)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Beach Girls

Wow.. what a beautiful day at the beach. The girls and I had a great time splashing in the waves, seeing who could run the fastest and we even got to fly a kite! If you happen to stop by my website...www.11thhourphotography.com, you will see the first portrait shoot that we did with Sydney and Sabrina. Check out the little cutie learning to walk while her sister runs on ahead and the little one peeking in the barn.

I am so honored to get to watch these beautiful little girls grow up. Where does the time go!?

City Girl

This portrait shoot was done a few months back. I spent the afternoon with my niece, Alaina, in the Pearl Dist. She is a future famous fashion designer so the upscale environment of the Pearl fit her perfectly. We had so much fun that we are planning another shoot later this Summer.