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Friday, September 17, 2010

pet adoption | portland

Yesterday was Dogstar day!

I love getting to spend time with Theresa, the crew and all the new adoptable furr babies, but I hope one day they don't need me. I hope one day I drive up and Theresa will tell me, 'Nope! Not a single dog or cat to be adopted today, everyone of them has a home.' But until that day, I will do my best to give them a head start and I thank God for all the shelters and the Theresa's of this world.

If you are interested in any of the sweet loves shown here, give the folk at Dogstar a call -- or just stop by to say hello, 1313 nw kearney, portland or, T: 503.227.0292. They have a funtablulous retail shop too, you can see some of the goodies if you click here

{quick side note, most of the pups were next on the list to be euthanized at a CA shelter, so they must have something special left to do on this planet...maybe love you?}

...without further ramblings......Today's batch of adoptable love:

'weiss' - a chihuahua mix bundle of love, sass and energy...cute as a button!

'monkey' - black lab/pug mix - young, heaps of lab energy and freakishly adorable.

'mary jane' - 10 yr old jack russell - sweet, good with kids + other dogs, crate trained and house broken. Come on...look at that face!

'jason' - possible pom mix - tremendously well behaved and can strut the cat walk baby!

'my leg' - denim flavored and currently in need of repair. the kittens? well, they just might all end up at my house. good lord they were perfect. As someone told me after they saw the images... "OMG! I need to go breast feed something!"

'lizzy' - I don't know much of her story.. but please God, if you are listening, find a forever home for this gorgeous girl. She has been in a shelter for over a year. she's sweet + playful + loving...and only a teensy bit shy.

foobar.. I forgot to get this little loves info. but a cuddlier furrball would be hard to find. I was mobbed with love from this one and the little 'lion' below.

'linus' - a 'munchkin' which seems seems to be the latest popular 'breed' ugh. He was bred to have a deformity...yes.. munchkin legs. However, his wee legs are no deterent to playful + loving spirit. I have about 50 pictures of him as I fell just a tiny bit in love. : )

'will you take me home?'
yes, I am shameless... : )