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Monday, August 23, 2010

laila + galen | portland wedding photography

If a picture says a thousand words, I have officially said too much. You'll forgive the indiscretion I hope. For Laila + Galen are two of the kindest souls. That they met, fell in love and got married is the stuff of fairy tales. In fact Galen was presented with a wee white horse at the reception so that he might always carry his bride off into the sunset.

They met by chance at the Dragonfly Coffee House {My most favorite and cherished of coffee houses}, during the blizzard of 2008. That first meeting started with small talk, went walking and ended up lasting 10 + hrs...it was meant to be.

Thank you both for the honor of being a part of your day.

so much love + joy I wish for you.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

brad austin | portland five element acupuncture

i promised a post. i said it would happen. and today it's going down.

i will start by saying i love little 'i's' and lower case letters. they are so stinky cute. many apologies for the un-propernes, but that is me today.

a few weeks back i attended talk given by my good friend, brad. brad is a truly talented five element acupuncture practitioner who not only has a gift to discern what your body needs to heal, but get this, he's right here in portland, or! along with his thriving practice, brad also gives seasonal talks on how our bodies relate to nature and the beautiful balance and rhythms she lives by.

this season was summer... and it was a full on camping retreating glory fest. With mega bbq, salads and treats lovingly prepared by paula, brad's wife.

the retreat took place on 'the farm', located in steveneson wa. it is a land so magical, it will hold you in the palm of it's hand, set the world in harmony and whisper sweet nothings in your ear til you get up enough strength to say 'goodbye' or 'till we meet again'.

with people arriving around 4:30 we started the evening with a glass of wine, mountain chickens, laughter, and more laughter. once we all settled in, brad began his talk under a light sprinkle of rain.

after a break to feast and share stories round the table. the second part of the talk took place around a gorgeous camp fire. the discussion went on into the night but i toddled off to bed around midnight.

the morning came full of promise just like always and we converged on the kitchen with scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and corn cakes. bellies full and happy, a hike was just the thing we all needed. we meandered up thru the once sheep pasture to view the new bee hives..over 1500! mmmmm...h.o.n.e.y. and when the time came, we packed up and piled on home. full in heart, spirit and mind.

if you are interested in hearing more about what five element acupuncture is, finding out more about brad and his practice or would like to get in on the next round of talks - {fall} - head on over to brad's website and sign up to get his newsletter. and if you want to taste the creations prepared by the amazing paula, well...right now the only way is to show up for a talk.

thank you annie, the farm, brad, paula + everyone else who made the retreat possible.

i am blessed + forever grateful to know you.