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Monday, January 26, 2009

Walls, Bars and Fries

This was the end of the shoot... a happy me with my first bag of Burgerville French Fries.

Donna and her very own bag of Deliciousness.

But we started here....

This past Saturday, Donna {the 'JUST SHOOT ME' winner of the week} and I went in search of coolness. We found it and then some. In fact the temps dropped so dramatically that by the time the shoot was done I was calling out the snowflakes as they fell.

We started the day with a hot coffee and discussed outfits.. jewelry..and makeup. With plans laid in place we drove to the Pearl District and found exactly what we were looking for. COLOR and Texture. Mmm.. yummy.. my favorites!

Donna was such a good sport and kept her chin up as I asked her to sit, stand.. jump.. giggle.. turn.. fluff..slouch..grump...lean.. and in general, rock it!

After a turn around the Pearl, we sped across the river to destinations unknown. I hate to mention where we ended up, but lets just say there was a groovin' beat and I think that the people inside got quite a 'view' with their meals. oh my! I just wanted their exterior wall. Ooo.. black. Loved it!

Off again, we stopped at the Green Dragon and walked past a few bike racks. To my surprise when I looked over, Donna was giving them a try! Who says that any of us have to grow up. She did a standard issue play ground Lemon Drop and then a spinning head flip. Whoo hoo!

Ending our day with the 'new to me' Burgerville.. we hungrily munched down medium sized bags of Yukon Gold fries. YUMMMM!

Thank you Donna for making my job so much fun.

Now your turn to spread the love. Let your friends and family know that they too can get in on the contest.

peace, laughter & merriment!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Earth, Sea & Skye

I am just returning home from what has been a most glorious trip to Los Angeles. The weather gods decided when I got there, that 80 degrees was just about perfect. I must say, I AGREE!

Not a cloud in the sky, sweet ocean breezes and fun families to photograph. Life is blessed indeed.

Amy Jo {don't you just love her name!}, her husband Scott and beautiful daughter Skye played with me and my camera at the waters edge for a few hours one eve. I have to say, it is my favorite shoot of the week.

The love and laughter they share is delicious...and Skye couldn't be any more adorable.

{Oh, and I couldn't resist the wee baby Uggs... who could?! }

I'm back home in Portland now... but already planning my next trip down in June.

Brew up some Sun for me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Congratulations to Donna from Portland! She was the one with the fastest fingers and correct answer to this weeks, "Just Shoot ME!"

Question: Where was the first Zoo in America located.
Answer: "Philadelphia"

As a reward for her lighting fast reflexes, she and I will be touring the Pearl district for fun funky spots to photograph her in later this week.

We will of course start our day with a warm beverage of her choosing and a yummy treat from the Two Tarts Bakery on NW 23rd. If you haven't visited yet... go NOW, you will not be disappointed.

Stay tuned and check back daily to see if you can get in on the 'Just Shoot ME!' craze. There will be at least one 'question' post per week.

If you are new here and are wondering what the heck is this all about. Check out the details for this spectacular, exciting, delicious, wonderous...offer in the post, 'Drum roll please..'

See you soon miss D! Let's rock the Pearl :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just shoot ME!

Round two!

Question: "Where was the first zoo in America located?"

hurry now.. scurry quick.. type fast...and get in thick {some days I make zero sense}


Good luck... remember the first person to respond correctly receives a free photoshoot and playtime with me in the Pearl and the Portland Surrounds.

Email your answers to: greenchairstudio@gmail.com

Make it a GREAT day!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Caitlyn extraordinaire

show me fear!
I can't repeat what I said to get her to laugh like that.... gotta keep it PG13

anyone else see nichol kidman here?

I was doing a bit of editing the other night and came across a headshot session that was such fun, I had to share. Caitlyn is a fantastically talented actress, and so comfortable being totally wacked or serious seductive. I hope she needs new headshots soon so we can ham it up in the studio again. I love being a photographer! :)