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Saturday, May 26, 2012

stella | pet photography cypress inn carmel-by-the-sea

*schnuuff.*schnufff* i know you are down there treat... mmm wait.. this is comfy.. zzzzzZZzz'
'mmmmm.. bored.. can we go now mama?' 
'ahhh better.. smell that salty sea air.... delicious'
hi sweet girl!
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cute as buttons!  i take you home in my pockets. 

let it be said that selling all your worldly possessions and leaving all you know sounds hard, but the reality is.. it's really hard.   even when all signs point to yes.

but if i am honest i've been preparing to do this for years.  little by little getting rid of more and more stuff until the grand broom came thru and swept the rest away.    so i'm 'homeless' (on purpose)  but not without a home.  i've landed in carmel valley, ca and fallen quite in love with the place.

from the day i arrived here, i have felt welcomed.  sweet and charming people, dogs, farmers markets, sunshine and the scent of sage and dry earth embraced me.

when on day two i met the most lovely of new friends, meredith, jenna and stella...  i felt certain that life was smiling on me.   you know when you meet people and have that, 'oh hello old friend' feeling... yeah, it was like that.
after a few emails back and forth it was agreed that stella, meredith's furr girl, would be the perfect subject for a mini photo session. 

we met in the lobby of the gorgeous and dog friendly cypress inn -- and i have to say it was very hard to stop snuggling stella and pick up my camera.  she was soft as summer and right as rain.  but i managed and we spent the next 30 or so minutes exploring the inn.

by the by, if you are traveling to carmel, ca with your pup, the cypress inn is a must!  even if you don't stay, come for yappy hour! -- you'll meet new friendly furrs, fabulous humans, and enjoy tasty sips + nibbles.   plus, i really can't think of a much better way end a day... or a photo session  :)
need to see more of stella?  click here for a full slideshow.

thank you to the cypress inn for your hospitality and to meredith, jenna and stella for being so lovely and for being the bright joy-filled spot in my day.  i hope to see you all again very soon!

hugs + hugs.