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Sunday, June 5, 2011

butter + honey | simple pleasures

one of my greatest treats is a heap of butter on an english muffin. my love of butter is border line obsessive. but i am particular. my latest love has been kerrygold imported irish butter - unsalted. the texture is out of this world.. it's sweet and i can add just as much salt to it as i like.

my salt? oh yes.. that's special too. murray river australian pink flake salt. The flavor is mild + it's flaked so it melts and covers each morsel of food with salty magnificence.

honey.. it's not an eveyday.. but when i do indulge it's been trader joe's organic raw honey.

this with a cup of tea? bliss.

i believe we must 'put on' the things that bring us pleasure. we must wear them, eat them, listen to them...daily. they give us a chance to breathe.. bring a pause to our day...and shift us to the present moment.

when i bite into that savory butter + honey drenched english muffin i can be no other place. worrying about the future? taxes? laundry? edits? nope. impossible.

i take my simple pleasure and i enjoy every sensation. i allow it to bring me to now and even if it's just a moment i can rest in that.