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Sunday, June 13, 2010

victor | portland portrait photography

Classical music has always been my escape....my transport to witnessing the divine. In fact as a slightly odd 5yr old little girl, three of my favorite albums were some random classical records picked up from the library throw away pile + an album of humpback whale songs {yes, that would be the eeeooOOOOooowwwOOEEiii...type of song}

But it's late and I digress.

In feb I was contacted to do a simple headshot for a very talented young man. He plays the viola and needed just a simple shot to put in the concert program.

When victor arrived he was none to keen on having his photo taken, but I was thrilled! All thru the shoot I was HOPE HOPE HOPE-ing he would play for me. Recorded music is one thing, live music is something altogether life altering.

We completed our 'safe' shot and were ready to call it, when mum and dad came in and asked if we could do a few more creative shots. uhh YES! I've included just a few of those here..but I'll spare Victor the full monty.

When we were finished I had to ask..and yes he did, and yes it was brilliant.

I am posting this tonight in his honor, as I just heard from his proud mama, that he was named Principal violist for the Portland Youth Philharmonic!

Way to Go VICTOR!

Or as the humpback say CooooOOnnngggrrraaaAAATOOOoooOOlaayyyTiOOoonnns.

Victor you are an amazing young man. Thank you for my private mini concert and for being such a good sport in front of my lens.