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Friday, January 27, 2012

coleen + malcolm | winter wedding

with every couple i work with, i am reminded, weddings are not the day.. they are the process.. the journey.

coleen and malcolm how very grateful i am to you for allowing me to travel your wedding day journey with you and for the trust you placed in me to capture a lifetime of memories.

your day was gorgeous and i wish you buckets of joy and laughter.



Monday, January 23, 2012

meeting mrs french | a 1yr birthday girl party + picnic

the image above was selected to be printed as their large print (20x30)... since it's one of most fav images ever, i totally approved. (plus i have swwwooony love for large prints)

waiting sooo patiently for a bite while sissy has the first nibbles of her cupcake

as he was allowed the one bite *munch* he took the biggest one he could.. :)

jammies + story time

happy first birthday little lu!

we met online.. it was a back and forth thing.. little email here.. little love note there. 'i LOVE your blog!'... 'ooo.. i LOVE your work'

but an actual face to face meeting for tea & chats proved elusive with our crazy schedules. until i got the call..

'ack! lui is turning 1 yr old, we are moving to bend the day after her birthday and i would adore for you to photograph her before we leave and oh yes, we leave in 4 days.'

ok.. no panic.. we can do this. i brewed up some ideas tossed them at the lovely mrs french she tossed some back and a sweet 1 yr old birthday shoot was hatched.

with sunlight tickling thru the branches and a smiling young boy running at me, we finally met. and it was all true. the whole french family was just as sweet and charming as i imagined.

if you haven't yet had the pleasure of longing stares at mrs french's blissfulbblog you are cordially invited... she has a collection of delightful meals, goodies for you, places to yearn for, and much more.. set timer.. you might get a bit lost in all the loveliness. :)

and if you would care to hear her side of the story, mrs french wrote a much too kind blog post .. MUCH more timely than i :) enjoy!