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Monday, December 17, 2012

benni | barky mcbarkerson

this is benni.

benni is a mexican hairless + yorkie cross who had a really rough go when he was small.
but then he met his two benevolent papa's and his life got about a million and six times better.

now here's the thing.  i love benni.. but benni, well.. he did not share this love.

so lest you think all my photo subjects are good little soldiers.... benni barked.. benni barked a LOT... like the entire 3hr session - a lot.

but i understood, he was nervous and just wanted to protect his papa.  so we tried everything to make him more comfy.

i plied him with treats and he barked as he chewed.  i tried being far away from his papa... tried being close to his papa.  tried sitting so still you could mistake me for dead...  tried just hanging out and talking.  tried ignoring... tried a cuddle... you name it we tried it.   but he would not be thwarted.

so we worked with what was.. and in between barks.. and it really only takes a second... we created a treasury of images that made his parents swoon.  and can you blame them?  look at that face!

now let it be known... if you think your pup or kit won't sit still for the camera... honestly they probably won't. but they don't need to.   who they are is animated, who they are is loving, who they are is goofy... and it's my job to find that moment in the chaos that makes you go.. 'o my goodness.. that is so them!' barky whiskers and all.  

i love you benni.   :) 

this is benni.

benni likes to bark.  and eat treats.
kisses from daddy make me feel a tiny bit better.
'oh man do i want to bark at you right now... but i grow weary...'
'ok, i guess that wasn't so bad.. but you can go now... i need to catch up on snuggles'