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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

all ok...

"As the plane landed my grief crashed in on me like the waves in a storm.

I cried like I had every day all those many months ago. Tears that I thought were gone rushed as if to fill a vacant ocean.

The weight of what I had just done, realized in one skidding blast from the planes tires.

The final act of separation complete… the untangling of two lives that had been living as one...over."


Maybe it's better I start at the end? When you know everything will work out alright, it feels OK to step in. You can get attached to the characters, allow yourself to care. "They'll be OK in the end", you say to yourself, "I can read on."

But here's the thing....you can always step in, because it will always work out alright. It may not be how you planned, hoped, expected or thought you desired...but in the end, all will be well.

Two years ago I would have told you that was a load of *horse type excrement. But today, as I drove home from meeting with a new friend...feeling the heart bliss that only the connection to beautiful kindred soul can bring, I rounded the corner to the freeway entrance and I gasped. What I saw was a river so brilliant it hurt to look at it. I saw the fall change of leaves tickling the sky. I saw life. And it quite literally took my breath away.

I rolled down all the windows, peeled back the sun roof and cranked up the cello concerto that was playing. I wanted to feel the beat of nature and vibration of life in every part of me.

I get so goofy on joy some days that I fall in love with every lamp post. It's hard to explain...but the form, grace and pattern that the freeway street lamps create makes me giddy.

Days like today, when I want to wrap my arms around the world, remind me how far I've come. They make me want to shine the light on every individual so that they can see how gorgeous they are. So that they can see how incredible this dance of life can be.

I hope you know you that even if you are unsure of how to take your next breath, that you are loved. You are appreciated. You are needed. I hope you know that not only will it all be OK in the end, it is all OK now.

in peace, love and gratitude for all that you are.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Carl came to Portland...

This post is for my nephew Benjamin. He is one of the best boys on the planet...his brother Gabe being the other. Nope, I'm not biased at ALL. They really are.

When their mom sent me a text saying Benny had a project for school and could I help out, I said how high!?

What I got in the mail a week later was Carl. Carl is a hermit crab. A flat paper hermit crab that is traveling the globe to take back stories and pictures to Benjamin's class. They get to learn about other cities, countries, how other people live, geography...fun stuff! Can they mail me next time?

Carl flies home tomorrow. I'll miss that little scamp. But I have my memories to keep me warm.

Here is a bit of his story. {a very abbreviated bit...I don't want to give away too much before he gets back to class}



{pronounced.. or-gun}

PHEWWWW what a trip to travel via USPS! Well I arrived in Portland, OR on a gorgeous Fall day, the sun was shinning, the birds were calling, the coffee was brewin’. Perfect!

I immediately met my housemates, Oliver + Synnie and got a good snuggle + a nap. Oliver said I could use his belly as a bed since, well...it’s big enough. Although he told me he has been working on exercising more. Been doing his little kitty crunches. He is down 4 lbs to a svelte 20 lbs! {Oh MY!!.. but I said that under my breath. I didn’t want to offend him}

On my second day in Portland we went with my hostess to her friend Annie's house. Annie lives on the Washington Side of the Columbia River Gorge & was having a Birthday party/pumpkin carving/cider press out at her sheep farm! Whoot! So we jumped in the car and drove up I 84 to the tiny town of Stevenson, WA.

Along the way we made a stop at Multnomah Falls.

When we got to Annie’s they were already diggin’ into the pumpkins so we had to make up for lost time and get to carvin’ I selected the pumpkin.

I couldn’t resist hopping inside just to see if I would fit. I do!

This is Ruppa the 8-month-old border collie that lives on the farm. We unfortunately didn't see any sheep though. Bahhhh..

Here I am putting the finishing touches on the Skeleton Jack – Jack-o-lantern!

On my third day, I got to hang out at Dogstar in the Play-yard with about 30 dogs!! I was a little nervous, but the Play-yard handler Ben was there to hold onto me and we even got into a great game of tug-o-war! It was 6 dogs to the two of us. We didn’t win. Then Ben let me toss the ball around...so much fun!

My time here in Portland is up, but I will for sure want to come back and bring Benny and the whole family!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

just because...

One of the best reasons to have a photo shoot is for no 'reason' at all.

.Just because.

Because photos are our history. Because they are how we know/remember who we were last year...last decade. They celebrate transition, re-birth, new year & a new life. Our photographic history is how our children and family will know that wild and crazy side of our youth.

The best reason to have a photo shoot...just because it's FUN!! {ok, I'm a little biased, but...}

Omar and I celebrated his 30th year on earth exploring Portland, yoga poses, Sauvie Island, and even met a greater swiss mountain dog (my favorite!) to exchange a high five.

Life is too short to not live to the fullest, smile to the mostest, laugh to the deepest, and play to the highest. Omar does this all with a childlike wonder and awe.

Happy 30th year Omar...here's to 31!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Take me home...please.

If you have room in your heart + home, if you have been wanting to add to your family and just weren't sure how....here are the sweet baby furrs that you have been waiting for!

Please message me here on the blog or facebook or email {greenchairstudio@gmail.com}..or pigeon if you are interested and I will hook you up with details.

All of these kittens were taken in by the amazing owner of Dogstar. Theresa just can't say no to a cat in need. But as such there is a FULL house and in order to rescue more, this crew needs to find homes. I have worked with them all for months and can honestly say they are some of the sweetest, most delightful kitties around.(besides my perfect angels, of course!)

PLEASE forward around the link so that we can find these nuggets of love a family.