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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

tobias | gentleman frenchie and a bow tie

this is tobias he is two years old and a recent transplant from the great city of new york.  his style is unmatched, his manners perfection... and he wears a bow tie... yes i die.

our session started at one of my most favorite shops, sterling coffee roasters on nw 21st.. but after i quite deftly knocked over a tiny flower vase from one of their small inside tables (sooo sorry guys!) i thought maybe it was time to scoot on out.

we migrated down the street to couch park and the spill of yellow fall leaves i had my eye on.  tobias was... is such a fantastic boy. unflappable.. and stoic... and altogether silly and giddy when the toys come out.

thank you for making my day tobias.  you are a star!

** p.s.  want to hear some smooth tunes and peek at his slideshow?  click here

i would really really like to have that toy you just set down over there... pleaseeee..

oh wait.. hi!  did you maybe have a treat i could munch?

the consument gentleman... even thou he really wanted to go play with those kiddos behind him.. he sat just where i asked until i got my shot. 

you want me to do what with it?

i tolll you.. i can tho get int mu mouthth all at oneth

he maketh all the girls swoon.  

Saturday, November 3, 2012

ninja + maggie | family

back in may of this year i set out on the road.   i sold all of the things i had collected.. my furniture, all the treasures that i could part with... put the rest in storage and embarked to live the life of a nomad.

my travels thus far have been... well.. that's another story... and i do promise to tell it.   but for now, this is where it started... 

a road trip from portland, or to carmel valley, ca.   

this is day three of my journey. 

after a good 6 hrs of driving and a tour of the redwoods, i spent the evening in Berkeley with my cousin michelle, her boyfriend and their two pups.   i hadn't seen her in years, but time stands still with family you love.  and it truly felt like no time had passed at all.

i didn't grow up knowing my cousins.. in fact i only met michelle and her brother and sister when i was 24 and and freshly moved to PA from CA.  i had moved to PA to follow my dreams of being a horse woman and trainer, and found a family i didn't know i had.  and even thou i had never met them before.. her dad (the fabulous cousin rob)  mum (his wife ... the amazing ana) and ALL my relatives (hi aunt lillian!! :)  took me in as family.   it was my first experience with being fully accepted and embraced as family by relatives i barely knew... it is something i've never forgotten and has etched itself indelibly on my heart. 

michelle has since followed her heart and moved from PA to CA.   i am so proud and honored to call michelle family.. she is gorgeous and has a heart big enough to save the world. 

that night we chatted for hours...  giggled, reminisced about the past and caught up on the last 10 years.   after a sleeping for a good 9 hrs i woke to puppy kisses, blue skies and plans for a rigorous day of lounging, brunching and shopping.  phew!  before we left thou.. just one thing.... i wanted to photograph their two furr kids, ninja and maggie. 

love you cousin michelle.. you are the best! 


o pleeeeeze throw that ball.. pleeze pleeze pleeeze...

dharma jean | pitbull sweetheart

this is dharma jean. she was the last kid at the playground and her parents never showed to pick her up at the end of the day. 

i can't imagine anyone being so cruel.. but things happen and kind people step in and a new family is formed. dharma was left at the dog park and that was her lucky day. she found her forever home and her place in the world. dharma you are a gift. 

best friends.

mmmm... chin schrittches... i loves them so.

you still there?  ok.. good.. just checkin'

i love smiling.. smiling's my favorite!