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Saturday, November 3, 2012

ninja + maggie | family

back in may of this year i set out on the road.   i sold all of the things i had collected.. my furniture, all the treasures that i could part with... put the rest in storage and embarked to live the life of a nomad.

my travels thus far have been... well.. that's another story... and i do promise to tell it.   but for now, this is where it started... 

a road trip from portland, or to carmel valley, ca.   

this is day three of my journey. 

after a good 6 hrs of driving and a tour of the redwoods, i spent the evening in Berkeley with my cousin michelle, her boyfriend and their two pups.   i hadn't seen her in years, but time stands still with family you love.  and it truly felt like no time had passed at all.

i didn't grow up knowing my cousins.. in fact i only met michelle and her brother and sister when i was 24 and and freshly moved to PA from CA.  i had moved to PA to follow my dreams of being a horse woman and trainer, and found a family i didn't know i had.  and even thou i had never met them before.. her dad (the fabulous cousin rob)  mum (his wife ... the amazing ana) and ALL my relatives (hi aunt lillian!! :)  took me in as family.   it was my first experience with being fully accepted and embraced as family by relatives i barely knew... it is something i've never forgotten and has etched itself indelibly on my heart. 

michelle has since followed her heart and moved from PA to CA.   i am so proud and honored to call michelle family.. she is gorgeous and has a heart big enough to save the world. 

that night we chatted for hours...  giggled, reminisced about the past and caught up on the last 10 years.   after a sleeping for a good 9 hrs i woke to puppy kisses, blue skies and plans for a rigorous day of lounging, brunching and shopping.  phew!  before we left thou.. just one thing.... i wanted to photograph their two furr kids, ninja and maggie. 

love you cousin michelle.. you are the best! 


o pleeeeeze throw that ball.. pleeze pleeze pleeeze...

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