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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Needle Brad

Brad Austin and I took to the mean streets of NW Portland today.. ok.. not so mean, but they are streets. Brad is launching his new business on December 4th and needed a few headshots for his awesome new website {coming soon! Whooot Whoot!!} Brad has been studying for years and now is officially Certified in Five Element accupuncture, ever heard of it? NO? Well, neither had I until I met Brad. But he is more than happy to tell you about it and how it can help to heal your mind, body and Spirit.

Brad's office is located on NW 23rd Ave and Quimby. An amazing location...you can get a treatment and then saunter on down the street for a hot beverage and/or a little retail therapy. Or if you are in keeping with the Five Element practice, you will take the short walk over to Lower Macleay Park {follow Upshur till it ends/look to your Left} breathe in the goodness of nature. Just be sure to take winter gear, it's usually 10 degrees cooler in the park.

Brad Thanks for doing everything I asked you to, even when it was ridiculous... and CONGRATULATIONS!!
{www.bradaustinacupuncture.com or give him a jingle at 503.956.1688}

There really is a Green Chair! {cute boy not included}

Danyel and Jake, how could I not give you guys a shout. What an amazing.. AH..mah.ZING photoshoot we had together. Jake is faster than a june bug on ice and so hysterical. I'm thinking his future might involve a spotlight and a standing ovation. Danyel is absolutely gorgeous, funny and so much the mama. She enjoys every moment with her boy. The love they share can't help but get on you a little. Jake.. you rocked it buddy!

a very long time

It has been I think a million an a half years since I posted.. Two moves and many stories later.. I am B.A.C.K! To try to fill in the gaps since Sept 2007.. umm, yeah.. not so much. So I'll start with yesterday. ; }

Beautiful mama Kelly, her fantastic son.. and one cool bike hit the Park Blocks in Portland. Talan is all boy and wanted nothing to do with those fluffy pretty leaves until he found out, oh yeah... you can toss them! We started our day with a sandwich and coffee and ended with a hug and a promise of a greasy spoon breakfast soon. Johnny B's in SE might do the trick.