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Sunday, March 4, 2012

danielle laporte | an answer to the burning question

I closed the window for the sue bryce creativeLIVE workshop with my heart racing in a joy-filled pace and my mind dancing. I saw her talk at wppi (the annual wedding & portrait photographers international convention) , she rocked my world then and she did so again here.

I needed to process, to clean up my computer screen and put myself to bed. But as I went into my gmail, I saw the latest danielle laporte email and eeeehhhh... did I want to open it? ahhh... my finger hovered above the subject line -- to read or not read?? I'm full to the brim with thoughts, ideas and inspiration... do I want to put anymore in? or is now the perfect time?

I clicked.

It was a 'burning question' post which normally I would just read and move on from, but because sue had opened my mind and heart, I closed my eyes... turned my head to the side and answered the question.


what boat do you need to burn:

I need to burn the boat of unforgiving... of not enough, of unworthy, of what and who and how it happened. I need to burn the boat of dread, the boat of I can’t and the boat of low health.

I must burn the boat of indecision and safety so that I can embrace the small tiny steps of risk that will not kill me but will make me stronger and grow my self confidence. I can see the seed, but it is tiny and a seed without the requirements for growth will not/cannot become the oak tree. The pattern is there... but the conditions must be right.

I will burn the boat of stagnation and watch from a distant shore as the flames flutter out of sight and the ashes blur into the wind.

I will bless my past, and love it... but will know that I can not go back to it. I am not that person... I do not fit there, nor do I want to.

I will burn the boat of hurt and grief… they served me well, they brought me to a place of understanding and compassion that I could have never had otherwise. I bless them and send them on their way. But now I am ready for joy, for laughter and for love... love of life, of my friends, of this earth, of god. I want to heal the world but I will start with myself and go from there. I want to save the animals but I will start with the one closest to me. I want peace for all... I will start with my own heart.

I will burn the boat of my past... so that I can move forward, being forever thankful for what it gave me... the building blocks of who I am now and who I am to become.

I will burn the boat so that I can fly.
To the two women that inspired me tonight. Thank you.

Thank you Sue Bryce for your complete honesty and sharing. The gift you have given me is immeasurable. Thank you seems too small, you have changed my life. (To find out more about sue bryce and her brilliance... click 'here' and if you EVER get a chance to see her live, or to be photographed by her... just say YES!)

And to Danielle LaPorte for asking the question, for her courage to radiantly be herself and for sharing that with all of us. Without the question there is no answer.

Do you want to play along? Click the box below.

I love you and the twinkle that you are, now what boat will you burn?

(p.s. that's my pigeon friend herman in the photo... he and i shared a moment on the beach. i love pigeons... hi herman!)