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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Sweet memories flood as I edit images of a family I dearly treasure. These were taken in 2007 but I can still smell the warm breezes and feel their embrace as we said goodbye.

They live thousands of miles away but in a moment we can slip into deep conversation or giggles. I met Johnathan first. Fell in love with his humor, his caring and his relaxed manner. Then one day his smile grew to twice its normal size. Welcome Desiree! Kind, funny...great to talk to..talented...down to earth..loving. SO good together.

Last month we exchanged a few emails and I smiled huge as felt the warmth of friendship, and realized how blessed I was. Corny and cheesy..yuup. But if you met them, you would know.

On a sad side note, Tanner the wonder pup was recently diagnosed with cancer. I am grateful I can share these images of him playful and so much a member of the family. It reminds me again of how important photography is to our histories.

Thank you friends for sharing some of yours with me.

I love you.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


There is something magical in the expansiveness of the ocean, the crispness of it's splash..the lulling rhythm of the waves. Something that some days I crave so deeply I'll do anything to get there. Yesterday was one of those days.

I grew up 'in' the ocean. My back yard included ice plant and the icy waters of the Pacific {Monterey Bay}. With water is so cold, you went numb in seconds. I learned to never let a little pain get in the way of a frolicking good time.

At 5 years old I can remember exploring the amazing tide pools at Asilomar with my mother and asking, "mama can I get in?" Mind you, it was foggy, 50 degrees and windy. I was bundled in my fuzzy red hooded coat, jeans, boots... She said, "Yes of course Hunny." With that I gleefully jumped into the waist deep water of the pool and sat down to explore from the inside out. My mother gasped! She told me later she expected me take my shoes and socks off and wade in up to my ankles. But she didn't tell me to get out, she just laughed and smiled at her crazy daughter.

I am so thankful to her for allowing me to be in the moment and not think about how cold I might be after. I've carried it with me, that rush of swirling water. I can still feel the weight of my winter coat filled with a schlog of water and the push of the tide against my jeans.

There were days too, as I grew older, that I would venture down with my best friend Sarah to see the ocean. I met Sarah playing jump rope in my unders & ice skates out in front of my house, we were 5 1/2...and besties for life. We would taunt the waves and roll up our pants to mid calf.. then to the knees.. then..oops..get a little wet...OYE..ok a LOT bit wet and then cave and splash like maniacs running fully clothed up and down the beach, soaked from head to toe. In the moment, it was glorious. The walk home in sandy wet jeans, in the fog and cold...yeah. But we lived for that moment of sheer playful joy.

Yesterday I needed one of those moments. I drove the 2 hrs to the Oregon coast to satisfy the yearning to see, smell, taste, touch, feel the sweet love of the ocean.

As was the case for most of my childhood, it was cold.. in the 50's, drizzling and windy. But there she was expansive and wild. I felt the history she carries with her...and again was rendered speechless at the abundance and infinity she holds.

I put my feet in the water and even thou they were instantly frozen, I knew I was going in. Experience has taught me much...I brought a suit with me.

It started out slow, our dance. She chased me with lashing, cascading waves and I ran against the tide pulling out, marching in place giggling with delight. But then, giddy with sea air, sand and white caps... I dove in. I romped for almost an hour before I realized my feet had turned to flippers. I couldn't move my toes, or feel them at all. I laughed and said, "five more minutes."

Wanting to be as close as possible before we parted, I laid down in the shallows where the waves become 2 inch tall rolling carpets of silk. I felt the grit of the sand in my hair, down my back, under my fingernails and I waited. The wave came and I laughed out loud. It rippled over my body and swished sand into every nook and cranny. I felt whole.

As I toweled off I thought about things in this life that I love to do but that others see as entirely crazy, unnecessary and unreasonable, I realized just how necessary they really are for me.

When I am there, in the ocean...I don't see the other people on the beach. I don't care if they wonder who the heck that crazy woman is running and giggling like a five year old. I really don't care what they think...I do it for me and no one else. It feeds my soul and you know what? Sometimes you just have to not give a rip about what anyone else thinks!

So maybe today you can let your little 5 year old girl or boy come out and play, not give a rip and do something that to anyone else might seem unreasonable but to you it is the world. GAME ON!

Friday, August 7, 2009

stephen gilbert + lululemon

photographer at work + play

The set was pure stephen and pure genius

I spy a lioness

in all things ~ balance

Tori the prepared-ness queen!

tools of the trade

oh it's SO good...you don't even know!

sweetness in the in-between moments

One of the greatest discoveries about Portland I have made, is that as a collective working group...the photographers here are generous beyond belief.

It's the way I was brought up and what I believe...if you share what you know, if you give when you can, you will raise the bar for everyone. I have been blessed to have been on the receiving end of that generosity many times.

So when Stephen asked if I might help on a shoot I said, "what time?"

The photo shoot was for the athletic clothing company Lululemon. If you haven't checked out their store you are in for a treat. The clothing is amazing, the staff you will want to take home with you and the care they give to the environment and community is inspiring. They have a location here in Portland OR, on Couch St. between 12th & 13th in the Pearl District.

Sadie Lincoln is the stunning athlete in these images. She is sweet + strong and can bring the awesome! She is also the owner of Barre 3. A studio where "ballet barre meets yoga and pilates". It will kick your bunz ... you will like it and ask for more!

The master mind/photo God behind this shoot is Stephen Gilbert He is a genius of 'set up', an amazing photographer, damn fun to be around and created a shoot that literally took my breath away. It takes quite a few people to pull off a successful shoot, but having that many people around is never dull and makes the day SO much better. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come on in to see the results at the Lululemon store in the Pearl. It will blow your mind!

Stephen and the incredible women of Lululemon, thank you!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

day of my birth

August 4th. 8/04 otherwise known as my BIRTHDAY! :)

To celebrate this last year of being 30 I decided to not rush to just take my time. There would be time enough today. I enjoyed each happy birthday message and phone call...I took time to shop for the yummies I knew I would want later in the day...I separated the minutes and found time in the in-between to make my birthday sammich (GF bread + ham + mayo + heaps of crunchy lettuce) My standard.

When I thought I was late and in a hurry back to my car, I had brushed past the homeless man selling papers and that didn't feel right. So I turned back and put a dollar in the 'Street Roots' jar.

In doing so I walked back in time into a conversation I had unknowingly walked away from. I was gifted with smiles and knowing two people a bit better than I had 5 min before. There was time for that certainly!

Each time I heard the familiar, "you better hurry..you are going to be late.. your gonna miss it..." I took a breath and said, "later hunny, I'll worry about time later".
What I wanted from this day was enjoyment + peace + plenty of time.

After my sammich, towel, and other goods were packed, I drove at a delicious pace up the 84 (oh yeah.. 8/4 rules!!!) to the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. I was on the final leg of my journey across The Bridge of the Gods when I was surprised to see an older man guarding a car full of honey! Now, not being one to pass up a car full of honey, I swooshed the car into the gravel parking lot.

The Honey Man was more than happy to tell me about how his son harvested from over 1300 hives + give sample tastings. Scrumptious!!! I made my selection of Raw blackberry honey, took some photos and motored onward. Still right on Time.

I pulled up to my friends farm around 1:30, exchanged quick greetings and then took a blanket + journal + BBQ chips to a grassy meadow behind the barn.
My intention was to look at where I have been this past year and ahead to what might come...journal and just experience the bliss of being in nature. What happened was a nap! And it was goooood.

When I woke up, I went exploring....found heaven in sun-ripened blackberries and munched my way back to the car.

The evening continued with friends, fabulous food, puppies, cats older than Christmas, harvesting our own garlic and laughter.

When we had filled our hearts and bellies to overflowing, we parted and each headed back to home. But wait!!! I had been intent on swimming!

Unable to wrangle anyone else to go with. I stopped on the way home at the Boat Dock in town and stood astonished at the brilliant almost full moon shinning on the Columbia River. It took me awhile but eventually I got up the courage to leave my fears on the dock and jump into the black water. I've never done it before, but I will most certainly do it again...and being in one's birthday suit under the gleam of a new moon seemed entirely appropriate.

If August 4th, 2009 is any indication of what my 39th year will hold, I am indeed one VERY lucky woman. It was perfect. And really there was and is always time enough.

{p.s. if you want to see the rest of the day and photos of the Honey Man...friend me on face book.. you'll get the full monty...sort of :P Heaven McArthur }