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Friday, August 7, 2009

stephen gilbert + lululemon

photographer at work + play

The set was pure stephen and pure genius

I spy a lioness

in all things ~ balance

Tori the prepared-ness queen!

tools of the trade

oh it's SO good...you don't even know!

sweetness in the in-between moments

One of the greatest discoveries about Portland I have made, is that as a collective working group...the photographers here are generous beyond belief.

It's the way I was brought up and what I believe...if you share what you know, if you give when you can, you will raise the bar for everyone. I have been blessed to have been on the receiving end of that generosity many times.

So when Stephen asked if I might help on a shoot I said, "what time?"

The photo shoot was for the athletic clothing company Lululemon. If you haven't checked out their store you are in for a treat. The clothing is amazing, the staff you will want to take home with you and the care they give to the environment and community is inspiring. They have a location here in Portland OR, on Couch St. between 12th & 13th in the Pearl District.

Sadie Lincoln is the stunning athlete in these images. She is sweet + strong and can bring the awesome! She is also the owner of Barre 3. A studio where "ballet barre meets yoga and pilates". It will kick your bunz ... you will like it and ask for more!

The master mind/photo God behind this shoot is Stephen Gilbert He is a genius of 'set up', an amazing photographer, damn fun to be around and created a shoot that literally took my breath away. It takes quite a few people to pull off a successful shoot, but having that many people around is never dull and makes the day SO much better. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, come on in to see the results at the Lululemon store in the Pearl. It will blow your mind!

Stephen and the incredible women of Lululemon, thank you!!!

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  1. The thanks is to you, Heaven. Your images and presence are a delight! What a beautiful reminder of an extraordinary day in the sun with friends - and you didn't even mention the blackberries!! What a photographer you are!