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Sunday, December 12, 2010

brick by brick

The bricks of self loathing and defeat come in many forms.. I don’t have the time.. I’m too busy.. I can’t do that.. not enough of this thing or that stuff...I’m tired.. I hurt... brick by brick we wall ourselves off to our potential...wall ourselves off to what this life really is about.

Today I challenge you. I challenge myself...to look at those bricks with fresh eyes. To truly see what they are made of. To see them for what they really are.. imagination gone wild.. You envisioned them into being and you an un-envision them. Look at them Rightly and you will see how hollow they really are. You’ll laugh at how stuck you felt and how easily they crumble when you see through them to Reality.

I stood up today and maybe I didn’t see them all .. but I saw one for what it was. And now through my wall a bit of daylight shines... a chink in my fortress was made in which one day, I might topple the whole prison.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

kathryn + jeffrey .... like notebooks, portland and tea

This wedding touched my heart, my toes, my inner hidden crafty and my taste buds. On a VERY rainy portland day Kathryn + Jeffrey pushed the 'go' button on months of work....and said 'i do' to a life of love + friendship as husband and wife.

Let it be said here and now.. kathryn is a a tornado of creativity and both she, jeffrey and the whole family do everything scarily well. Hello giant wood heart atop a 50 foot tree with fabulous streamers. oof.. really?

There is just way to much to adore about this day, And even thou it was POURING rain during their portraits and the location set up, when the ceremony started, it was as if all of nature was conspiring on their behalf and the rain cleared.

So here goes my feeble attempt to be brief and succinct.

The wedding took place at the home of the bride's parents. Her mother transformed what is normally a fabulous back yard into a woodsie wonderland of delight.

With Bridal party girls all in grey and the rain saying, 'ha!' Kathryn, who had thought of EVERYTHING, told them to take off those fab red pumps and unveiled the best bridal party giftie...matching grey hunter boots! Not to be outdone, the men got fabulous funked out western belt buckles.

The flowers were a double take of yumm. Succulents + yellows and soft greens provided for by ink & peat and the sweet table scenes of glass, old cigar boxes and woodland creatures, were provided by The one and only, Kathryn's mum! :)

If you happen to know kathryn, you know that the dress she selected from The English Department was not only stunning, but as close to perfect for her as possible. Check out the sweet bloggy post that Elizabeth of The English Department did at www.elizabethdye.blogspot.com

The ceremony, complete with furr children walking down the aisle decked in succulent covered collars, was exactly like k + j....touching, full of sweet love, spirit, beauty and so cute! Yeah, kathryn played banjo and they sang to each other...and there was a reading from a dino kids book. All my pieces parts were completely satisfied.

Oh god.. then the food and freakin amazing desserts!! be still tastebuds..be still. So many desserts in fact that their creation got their own blog post over at www.sprinklefingers.com + an update of the day from the perspective of the baker, miss jami curl of Saint Cupcake fame.

And THEN...then the party!!! dj grey matter you rock my world! AND then out rolled the fire pits and a FULL smore's bar. *feeling faint* More could be said..MUCH more.. but I will stop now and let the million and six pictures speak for themselves.

{need more? you sure?? ok, head over to the full slideshow here or come on over to the heaven side of life and check it out on face book}

Psst... stay tuned to this channel for links to images from an inside the home photo studio and the amazing Stephen Gilbert

*complete recipe:

Wedding location: the home of Dan and Marilyn Durkin
Desserts and Favors: Jami Curl of Saint Cupcake
Bridal cake decoration: Marilyn Durkin, mother of the bride
Cake Toppers: Star House
Bridal Party Floral: Pam of Ink & Peat
Table top design/Floral: Bride and her Mother
Dress: Elizabeth Dye at The English Dept
Food + rentals: Claey's Catering
DJ: DJ Gray Matter
Ceremony Music: M. Henry Curl and Michael Saint Jones, guest Drew Durkin
Typewriter + Toasting Flutes: Noun
Tree Topper: Groom
Flower Girl headbands, wands and Bridesmaid head pieces: Designed/made by the Bride
Tag line for blog post: "surprisingly so" by the utterly delightful; amy seeley