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Sunday, December 12, 2010

brick by brick

The bricks of self loathing and defeat come in many forms.. I don’t have the time.. I’m too busy.. I can’t do that.. not enough of this thing or that stuff...I’m tired.. I hurt... brick by brick we wall ourselves off to our potential...wall ourselves off to what this life really is about.

Today I challenge you. I challenge myself...to look at those bricks with fresh eyes. To truly see what they are made of. To see them for what they really are.. imagination gone wild.. You envisioned them into being and you an un-envision them. Look at them Rightly and you will see how hollow they really are. You’ll laugh at how stuck you felt and how easily they crumble when you see through them to Reality.

I stood up today and maybe I didn’t see them all .. but I saw one for what it was. And now through my wall a bit of daylight shines... a chink in my fortress was made in which one day, I might topple the whole prison.


  1. Fabulous! I saw JUST the same thing today . . . gained clarity on an incident from long in the past that I turned into a gigantic wall of defeatism . . . in order to "protect" myself. FROM WHAT?!?!?!? Being on the inside of the brick wall is worse. Rock on, woman!

  2. you have no idea how much i needed this today...beautiful post! xo t

  3. Fantastic! I too, have been de-walling my fortress of late. Thank you for the not-so-subtle re-affirmation that we all can, when we put our minds to the idea, accomplish what our hearts desire. :)

    with love, light, and delight!