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Monday, January 3, 2011

the unmade bed

Normally I’m a compulsive bed maker.. can’t really start my day till the sheets are pulled back crisp and tight and all 5 pillows are thoroughly fluffed. But today I slept in.... WAY in. In fact I didn’t tumble out of bed until 10:30.

Oh yeah... so how’s that new years plan go again? Up every day at 7am? pffft...

So at 10:30 I heaved my body out of it’s fluffy chamber and plopped into my office chair. Oh sweet bliss of working from home.. how I love thee. Emails checked and brain fog lifting, I got up to make the bed and stopped in my tracks...

Gorgeous amounts of January sunlight were streaming in thru my windows...and the bed in all its unmade glory had never looked so perfect. It was like a poem.. an ode to down time, to time spent dreaming, to that sweet spot we go to when the day’s chores are done. I left it unmade and went back to work.

As the day moved along and more ‘resolutions’ fell by the way side, “20 min walk every morning, 20 min meditation, 20 min reading, shoulder exercises...” I would occasionally look at my bed and smile

Attempting to re-jumpstart my day at 1pm, I cleaned the kitchen of last nights dinner extravaganza and then headed to make the bed. But what I found was that my love of rumpled sheets and nests of blankets was shared by two wayward furr boys. I didn’t have the heart. I knew they had found what I had been seeing all day and who was I break the spell.

This blog post too is not on the ‘schedule’ for the day.... but you know what? PTHththtth... to schedules and resolutions... they are just a suggestion. Life is random and the movement of it dictated by what is in front of us in the moment. If I had stuck to the schedule or moved as I thought I was supposed to, I would have missed it. missed the poem. missed how good it feels to be sipping tea and writing this right now. missed the joy of happy kitties snuggled up tight.

Now I’m not saying that tomorrow I won’t be back to working my 2011 ‘program’, it was put in place for a reason. But I will not feel guilt if I fall off and I will not be held prisoner to it. When sunlight and unmade beds call, I will listen and allow the sweet inspiration of a sun filled room and rumpled sheets to bring bliss.

2011 I love you.

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  1. your photography is incredible. so, so love it. keep in touch.