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Monday, April 27, 2009

Pennsylvania?? Nah... PA!

Hello to all my PA & NYC Amigos,

Spring is Springing and I am on my way to you soon! {May 18th - June 1st}

If you are interested in a Portrait Session or A Family Day Documentary complete with Album and DVD of all images, Please send an email quick like a bunny!

I'll be finalizing my schedule by the end of the week and it will be snuggly/tough to move things around after that.

Also, for the first time ever, I am offering mini sessions. These will be at a location & day of my choosing....where you come, we play... I shoot {half an hour}... and you get some wonderful photographs to choose from.

The rate for these mini's is $50 per session [time & talent fee]. If you are interested let me know, and I'll give you the specs and reserve your spot. Limited Seating of Course.

Ok, and yes...when I am not shooting you WILL find me perched at the WAWA guzzling way too much Hazelnut Coffee. If you see me, grab a cup and join me for a stroll through the Tastykakes.

See you all soon!!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Oh yeah...I am officially in HEAVEN. It was 80 degrees today, it will be 80 tomorrow.. and so on and so on! Hear that? ...choirs of angels...'HALLELUJAH!'

This morning my dear friend Annie, called and said, "I'm sure you are already out in this.. but if you are not, wanna take a walk?" Well I wasn't out in it yet and that was just the call I needed.

We walked and chatted and then sat with our coffees for an hour or so discussing life's deep questions...giggling...and appreciating the beauty of how things flow when you stop struggling.

You see Annie is following a passion. A dream that has been nudging her for a few years. A dream that has been knocking, but until now she couldn't open the door..she wasn't ready. She is taking this path, step by step in complete faith and joy. I see her in such a state of relaxed peace with her choices. Her calm confidence with what is mostly unknown, is truly inspiring.

However, following her path also means I might not see her for awhile. So when she called this morning, work could wait..time with a dear friend (and the sun) far more important.

Friday, April 17, 2009

adrienne + chloe

The day started simply enough...yawn/stretch/rub eyes...listen to the bellowing whir of the street sweeper.

Street sweeper!? AAAHHHH..... MY CAR!! I flew down the steps one slipper on, hair in a knot of what was a style the night before. For you see, it was "operation street sweep" in our hood. A one mile radius of, if you don't move your car by 7:30am it will be towed and ticketed. And even with the VERY best of intentions, I over slept which left me in the current state I was in. As I opened the front door and saw the freshly groomed street, I realized my car was gone as was the simple start to my day.

At the other end of town the mom and daughter that I was to photograph that afternoon had had their own trauma. Having come from Montana to see "Wicked" {AWESOME!!} and have a portrait shoot with yours truly, they mis-read the time of the performance...arrived at 4pm for the 1pm show. Even after much cajoling, they still couldn't use their tickets for that evenings show and ended up having to buy fresh tickets. Oye!

As I was walking to the tow station to pick up my car, I spoke with Adrienne and we both agreed that the best way to re-start our day was to head to St Honore, www.sainthonorebakery.com to enjoy a pastry and whatever else would 'make it all better'.

Fortified and feeling oh so fine, we headed into the the NW and had a blast playing and laughing our way through the portrait session.

Chloe is in that amazing transition from young girl to young woman {sorry Chloe, I know.. I know.} She is full of style and self confidence..lace and scabbed knees, the perfect balance of fun and poise.

Thank you for a funtabulous afternoon girls! And I'll be taking you up on that invitation soon. I've always wanted to see Montana. Leave the light on for me. :)


Moe was returned twice from homes before he finally found love with Theresa. So sweet!

This bright eyed happy friend was staying in the Cat Condo area whilst his parents traveled.

The 'boys' james & isaak (yes...Theresa is a Chris Isaak fan. Could I love her more?)

This little one enjoyed a snack while his mommy shopped. YUM!

James + Theresa

He really isn't snarly...just caught him in mid 'lick of the chops'. This shot made his mommy laugh. :)

"muumph..I LOVE my tug :)"

Recently I was asked to take some new website photos for Dogstar, a full service dog/cat boarding + day care + grooming + FABU-LOS retail store located at 1313 NW Kearney in the Pearl District. Really? I get to get to spend the day with a bunch of pups and kits AND my camera? Pinch me!

To say I had fun is an understatement. After being there for over 4 hours.. they had to shoe me away. Seriously, I wouldn't leave.

Theresa {the owner/operator of Dogstar}, Moe {the mega toed desk kitty!}, and james and isaak {doggie greeters extraordinaire} are so welcoming....I felt like one of the family right away.

I was even given a quick lesson on being a pack leader and allowed to frolic in the doggie day care area with about 15 pups. Hello, what an amazing feeling that was! Takes me back to my childhood {deedley..deedley..deedley.. I am 8 months old, wearing the BiGgest sheepy grin cuz I just crawled into the whelping pen with 3 day old collie puppies. me + puppies = delight!!}

The dogs at Dogstar want for nothing. Toys...treats...friends to play with...the COOLEST ceiling rope tug..and space to just chill, they have it made!

Theresa has also partnered with Pixie project and works tirelessly to find homes for the sweet dogs & cats that need.. well.. YOU! :) Come down and snuggle a kitty, or walk one of the many dogs that are looking for a home. You might find that special someone to fill your heart with love.

Really, I can't say enough about this place. {truly, this post was about 10 pages long, thank God for the delete key!!} Theresa is one of the kindest most generous souls around. She has created an amazing environment for you & your pet.

I came away from my time at Dogstar with a giant smile and a sense that life really is good.

{check back for future posts on Adoptables & First Thursday events}

****COMING SOON!!! Look for a ROCKIN' new Dogstar website. Featuring the awesome talents of Zoe Phillips and the staff at Lettuce. Thank you Zoe!! I loved LOVED loved working with you. You guys are stellar!!