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Monday, April 20, 2009


Oh yeah...I am officially in HEAVEN. It was 80 degrees today, it will be 80 tomorrow.. and so on and so on! Hear that? ...choirs of angels...'HALLELUJAH!'

This morning my dear friend Annie, called and said, "I'm sure you are already out in this.. but if you are not, wanna take a walk?" Well I wasn't out in it yet and that was just the call I needed.

We walked and chatted and then sat with our coffees for an hour or so discussing life's deep questions...giggling...and appreciating the beauty of how things flow when you stop struggling.

You see Annie is following a passion. A dream that has been nudging her for a few years. A dream that has been knocking, but until now she couldn't open the door..she wasn't ready. She is taking this path, step by step in complete faith and joy. I see her in such a state of relaxed peace with her choices. Her calm confidence with what is mostly unknown, is truly inspiring.

However, following her path also means I might not see her for awhile. So when she called this morning, work could wait..time with a dear friend (and the sun) far more important.


  1. These are SO beautiful! I love the cherry blossoms in springtime... :)

  2. Portland in the Spring and Summer is something of Glory to behold. :)

  3. Thank you so MUCH Jennifer in ATL!! :)