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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

when i'm with you... i'm home | carmel valley pet photography

i'm terrible and keeping good things(gifts) a secret.. i want to give them immediately! so while helping clients to create surprise gifts for loved ones makes me all twitterpated... the suspense of waiting to hear how they liked it gives me fits.

this past summer while i was working at an adoption event in carmel valley, we 'snuck' in this quickie photoshoot for a client while the hubs was just a few feet away minding the store. mmwwwwaahhhaaa haaaa.. ;) sooo stealth we are.

i didn't know it at the time, but this book was going to be something extra special.. for my client's sweet husband had been having some very scary and painful health issues... and it had been the little furrs at his feet that had brought him joy and were his constant companions.

after the book was created and mailed off... i received this email: (if you follow me on fb you already saw this. apologies for the double up)

I just opened the box, and I was so touched I cried. You did such an inspirational job that I am speechless except to say my deepest and sincerest thanks. I know this book will be one of the best Christmas gifts that my husband has ever received. I wish you were here so I could hug you, that is after I stop crying.

So much love and appreciation,


this email may have just made my year... to share the power of photography. to uplift, inspire and bring joy. to bring a smile. this is why i do what i do. sharing happiness is happiness doubled.

this is the little book we created.


  1. awesome.....what great posers(is that a word) Great shots love those little faces.....

  2. Awesome!! what great posers (is that even a word?) Great shots....perfect little faces...