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Friday, January 13, 2012

three for love | portland pet photography

i love the bubbles kuri is brewing up here in anticipation of a treat + the scene going on in the background... big dog straddle/tangle .. :)

'really? a toy? what do you propose i do with that?'


when i book a session i send out a 'tell me about your pup' questionnaire ... what i got back on this crew had me smiling huge.

yes, the facts and tidbits about each dog were adorable and perfect.. but what kept me grinning was the obvious joy and love that their papa held for each of them. i was sooper excited for our shoot.

allow me to introduce kuri, bono and hamlet. three nuggets of love i think you'll adore.

kuri: the first 'baby'. nicknames.... kuchifrito, kooskoos, koo-pon, Beef.. (ha!) she is sweet, puppy-like, loves toys and will spoon you or pretend like she is going to rip you to shreds. she's a multifaceted girl.

bono: nicknames... bobo, bo-chyan, bobolito, cuddle monster... he loves humans, human contact and using his paw as a grappling hook to pull you close. not a fan of toys.

hamlet: hammy, prince, butthead ... HA! he's a young dane that was rescued after being abandoned.. when he arrived he needed mega groceries and mega love and mega schooling... he's coming around nicely on all fronts.

oh the joy and crazzzee of a three dog house. i LOVE it!! thanks crew! you rule. :)

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