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Friday, January 9, 2009


So it's been said that time heals all wounds. That may be true, but friends and the love they give....conversations they share....and the laughter they bring. They may be the true healers after all.

Many of you know that these past two years have been a very long striving to health for me. My gratitude is boundless for those friends and family who have seen me through.

I have realized through this, that healing doesn't come in a lightening bolt moment. {although I REALLY wished it would have some days} It is a series of small moments. Moments that otherwise might go unnoticed, but because you have the perspective of where you have come from, they are triumphs.

Last night for me was one of those moments. I threw my first party in almost 4 years! Not a huge affair with ties and ball gowns, but a small gathering of my nearest and dearest.

We came together to wish each other a Happy New Year and to give Annie a surprise b-day party. The theme of the night..."Mugs". I instructed everyone to bring their favorite mug and I would fill it with delicious cocoa.

On hand for our lactose intolerant friends {including me..sigh} almond milk, dark chocolate cocoa and homemade {trader joes} marshmallows. For the rest, milky rich cocoa with a dash of cinnamon and vanilla, topped with frothy whipped cream and gently sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.

In keeping with the mug theme of the night, all the treats for munching were also served in my most favorite ones. You might think it very silly, but I love mugs. To me they are the epitome of comfort and relief. During my darkest times the sweet taste of coffee or tea out of a mug would bring me peace. Still today if I am feeling low, a brand new mug will lift me up.

Last Summer I bought a mug that reminded me with it's small sketched moped and funky blue writing, that, "My journey begins today."

So pour yourself a cup of goodness, wrap your hands around your favorite mug...breathe deeply the aroma...enjoy the moment... your first sip & your journey.


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