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Monday, January 26, 2009

Walls, Bars and Fries

This was the end of the shoot... a happy me with my first bag of Burgerville French Fries.

Donna and her very own bag of Deliciousness.

But we started here....

This past Saturday, Donna {the 'JUST SHOOT ME' winner of the week} and I went in search of coolness. We found it and then some. In fact the temps dropped so dramatically that by the time the shoot was done I was calling out the snowflakes as they fell.

We started the day with a hot coffee and discussed outfits.. jewelry..and makeup. With plans laid in place we drove to the Pearl District and found exactly what we were looking for. COLOR and Texture. Mmm.. yummy.. my favorites!

Donna was such a good sport and kept her chin up as I asked her to sit, stand.. jump.. giggle.. turn.. fluff..slouch..grump...lean.. and in general, rock it!

After a turn around the Pearl, we sped across the river to destinations unknown. I hate to mention where we ended up, but lets just say there was a groovin' beat and I think that the people inside got quite a 'view' with their meals. oh my! I just wanted their exterior wall. Ooo.. black. Loved it!

Off again, we stopped at the Green Dragon and walked past a few bike racks. To my surprise when I looked over, Donna was giving them a try! Who says that any of us have to grow up. She did a standard issue play ground Lemon Drop and then a spinning head flip. Whoo hoo!

Ending our day with the 'new to me' Burgerville.. we hungrily munched down medium sized bags of Yukon Gold fries. YUMMMM!

Thank you Donna for making my job so much fun.

Now your turn to spread the love. Let your friends and family know that they too can get in on the contest.

peace, laughter & merriment!

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