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Sunday, August 15, 2010

my weekend with mandy

it all started here.. YUM! french press + fresh made cookie dipped in chocolate..if you haven't been, you must get to Je T'aime soon!

cheating on my nosugar-nodairy-nocoffee-nochocolate lifestyle...but oh the joy!

sorry miss Moo...not for you {don't feel too badly for her..those big doe eyes got her a hand made peanut butter doggie treat from Je T'aime

stop the cuteness!

we did a whole lot of this...snuff snuffle snuuuuf.

we even found some sidewalk chalk with which to pay homage to the mighty moo.

'do you have those in an extra large?'

but most of the time...we did a lot of this...

"mama? are you over this way? or maybe over here??"

Dear Miss Mandy,

It was so sweet to get to share a few days with you. I really enjoyed having you with me while I explored downtown vancouver. You were so patient while I sipped at nibbled at Je T'aime. Thank you for reminding me to meander + enjoy the walk rather to hustle with the purpose of getting there.

I hope you are feeling better quick like a bunny {or like that chicken we saw earlier!}




Yes, I'm a lucky woman...I got to spend the weekend with the sweetest girl...Mandy {moo-moo, moozilla...} Dog sitting gives me such a fabulous dose of doggie love.

My good friend, Megan was headed out of town with her husband and needed someone to hang with their lovely great dane. Although mandy spent 90% of our time together sleeping, the other 10% was deeelightful! We went on daily walks to downtown vancouver. Explored Mississippi Ave and spent an hour or so in a shop filled with cool AC + flowers + salt + chocolate. {want to see for yourself? click here for details}

I have been a fan of mandy and her mama since I met them 3 years ago. Megan is the owner and scarily talented designer of StudioM {which is becoming, clark & co. very soon} Scary because really there is nothing that Megan does not posses a talent for. Design, photography, sketching, writing, home decorating...furniture restoration. Yeah, she's a force. Besides her own fabulous company, she recently opened, 'hi friend' with another talented friend Jennifer Mele. If you like cute paper goods.. check it!

Thanks megan...I hope mandy lets me come back soon and we can all go out for a coffee + a chewie : )

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