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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

mikey + gina | portland engagement

mikey serenading his lovely bride to be

As they dance in the hall where their reception will be held, Portland graced us a bit of sun.

tippy toes.. tippy toes!

I met Gina over a counter, exchanging cash. She was my favorite bank teller. One day as we chatted, I looked down and saw the most beautiful ring.

"Oh, are you getting married?" I asked. All at once my professional bank teller became a giddy girl so deeply in love she shimmered. Her joy about her upcoming wedding was contagious and I left humming a sweet little tune.

We continued to chat whenever I went in, about dresses..venues...etc... and each time she talked I was swooped up into her happiness. On one particular such occasion I happened to mentioned that I was a photographer and if she had any questions about that aspect to surly let me know.

I think her next question might have been, "Are you available for our date?!"

We met for coffee and I learned the Mikey + Gina story. It is one of the sweetest love stories I have ever heard. I swooned just a teeny bit. They were best friends for years. Watching as they each dated other people..broke up...dated... broke up..

Finally one night as they sat and talked their way into 2am, they realized that the one constant had been each other. They were the love they had been looking for all along.

They are dorky, cool, awesome, funny, hip, silly and everything else that I find adorable and perfect. Is it possible to adopt a fully grown couple?

Their wedding day can't get here fast enough. I am doing the hurry-up-and-get-here tap dance. I am so blessed to be witness to a completion of one stage their lives and the beginning of the next.

While editing their images I had a sweet smile sneak in. It took up residence on my face for the rest of the afternoon. I hope their love gets on you a little bit too.

*squeals of joy*

See you two soon.


  1. Aww...great shots! What an adorable couple!!

  2. Love the "exploratory" angles...haha! Not sure that's a word, but how you really found good places to see them from. :)

  3. tee hee... I like it! Makes me sound doctory. Thank you Mary. I had terrible amounts of fun shooting them {and climbing on things}

  4. Indeed, cutest couple evah! Love the shot of green in the lower right corner of one of them.


  5. Ooo..my fav too. sigh..yes, truly adorable. Their wedding day fast approaches..I'm so excited!

  6. hey - she's my banker too! great shots.

  7. ha! that is awesome boon. She was one of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen. I actually teared up a little when I saw her.