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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

falconry | a day of flight in carmel valley, ca

he arrived in a big white truck waving a casual ca hello out the window.   my 'uncle' kny who has always been the crazy animal man,  had driven  from san jose to carmel valley to spend the afternoon with me and to... fingers crossed, fly his birds.   

‘are they in there?’


he tossed open the back hatch and three sets of jet black eyes  fixed on me. 

‘oh hello gorgeous ones.’

kny is a falconer.  this is the flight i was honored to witness.    
a gorgeous play of protocol, communication and trust between bird and human-- and dog ;) 

left to right.  Chocklate a 6 year old saker falcon, Arora is an aplamado falcon in back, dillon the wooonder dog and vegas a barbary x saker falcon--

suiting up.


pretty much in awe that i was allowed to get this close.  i was informed my energy was 'soft'  and that they would most likely let me get as close as i wanted.   wow.

pre-flight weigh in.  if they are too heavy or too light they don't fly. 





the leather lure used call her back when the time is right.

the love and connection here melts me.

after a very subdued flight of mostly barn sitting... she's back.

dinner time.

thank you vegas.