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Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog It Forward

.what inspires me.

A blog mash up by sfgirlbybay, Victoria {blogging goddess}

When I asked her how she could have possibly organized all of this....and stated that my brain would be a puddle of goo…she calmly said, mine is.

I don’t know how she did it, but somehow she has organized some 300 bloggers into one giant mash of bloggid-ness. {click here to see the line up} The idea was to share what inspires us on our blog and then link back to the blog who posted before us and to the one we are passing it on to. On Friday, Good Measure graciously passed the keypad on to me.

So here I am sitting up on a Sunday night (now turned morning-1am) needing to write about what inspires me and being in one of the least inspired times of my life. Could it be the copious amounts of grey has invaded my senses and is now nestled snuggly around my shoulders… or could it be the fact that I am yet again in a ‘transition’ Whatever the reason, I am so grateful to Victoria. This project is giving me the perfect reason to re-connect and refocus my thoughts.

*blink* *blink*

ok, so maybe this shift will take more of an effort than I am used to. Maybe I’ll start with a list.

The ocean. the crest and crash of a wave… the hiss when she pulls herself back unto her.

The sun. oh that glorious gorgeous ball of light + heat, without which we would not exist.

My friends. who live to the edge of what they know and go just one step beyond.

Music. the pulse, the rhythm. the sounds that go so deep within me I feel like I’m in vibration with all life.

Movies. The paring of acting + music + the visual. I am transported. 'Given to fits of delight and anxiety, fear and pain, laughter and joy.

In one moment, an ache to reach out and stroke a tender cheek, a longing to hold the one that is wounded or rage at the one who did the wounding..

A well choreographed movie will take you where you didn’t know you could go. Will make you feel what you didn’t know you could feel. Will open you to a life you didn’t know existed two hours before.' {taken from a post I wrote a while back entitled 'colors'}

Animals. I have always felt more at home in a pile of puppies than with a heap of people. The spirit behind the eyes is what I love.

Summer. Heat. growth. abundance. the smell of a hot day brewing in the sunrise. wakens my spirit and pulls me out to dance in a dew covered park.

There is SO very much more. When I step out of my rut, which thanks to this mash up I have, I remember that life inspires me. The gorgeousness of a lamppost against the shimmer of the hot pavement, a conversation with a friend, the snore of my kitten, a old glass coke bottle. We each have things that inspire us more that others. Whatever it is that inspires you, today pour yourself a little cup and take a sip.
Here are some more random nibbles before I toss this on it's way.

the potential of a spring day

my nephews

Now I hand this over to gwyneth paige|couture letterpress {YUM!} Enjoy her daily feeding of gorgeous images.

Thank you to each and every blogger who is participating...you ALL inspire me.

Here is todays list of blog it forward sites

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  1. I love your inspiration. Thank you for blogging it forward to us!

  2. Beautiful! Your photography is gorgeous, and your words are so sweet and simply put. It was so nice to see how you view your inspirations, as many of yours are the same as mine!

  3. Beautiful photographs. Inspirational in themselves.

  4. The berries look so ripe and yummy!

  5. An inspiration story...so beautiful

  6. Beautiful photographs and lovely sentiments!

  7. lovely and so poetic, this reads like a dream. your photos themselves are inspirational.

  8. You are a very talented photographer! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Those spring blossoms are just oozing off my screen, they are so gloriously pink. I really have a Portland phenomenon brewing in my life. It feels like every single artist and photographer who has caught my eye in the past four years hails from PDX. I don't think the universe could slap me on the head any more obviously if it tried. Your work is lovely, thank you for sharing with Blog It Forward.

  10. I agree with Jessica Nichols. What is it about Portland that has me seeing the name over and over again in relation to gorgeous blogs and some ethical fashion brands? Should I be putting it on the "to visit" list?

  11. Portland is glorious! sweet and nurturing. Just a small amount of time here and your creative tendrils will uncurl. Plus it's just one dang fun city. ;) {and thank you all so much for stopping by to chat and for being so kind}

  12. pretty photographs. i can certainly relate to feeling a little "grey" but this post was quite an inspiration. thanks for sharing!

  13. Stunning photography and beautifully stated inspirations! I really enjoyed this post. Those cherry blossoms have made be really excited for spring!

  14. Your photographs are AMAZING!
    I enjoyed this SO much :)