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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Portland| Two Tarts..maybe Three

My lovely and dear friend, Miss P, is a foodie through and through. She makes her own cheeses, has a wheel of brie in the 'cooker' as we speak and loves the simple joy of making a meal for her friends.

When I photographed the Leve charity ball this past December Miss P and her husband accompanied me. Leve was raising money for Growing Gardens, a fantastic organization that 'digs at the root of hunger'. An organization I knew she would love to support.

There were many ways to contribute at the event but after a few turns around the floor, Miss P found exactly what she wanted at the silent auction table... "Spend a day of cooking with Two Tarts!"

Two Tarts is a yumm of a bakery located on NW 23, and this would be a day spent cooking with them... learning their ways, mixing the goodness..licking the spoons. Miss P put in her bid and walked away.. but when the bidding came down to the wire, she and her husband were a flurry of hand signals.. she in the corner..he standing next to the clipboard.... higher?...higher! She won of course...don't you always get what you give your utmost attention to?

Anyway, this past weekend she finally had the opportunity to put on the hand crafted apron and get up to her elbows in butter and sugar. A LOT of butter!! In fact the largest block of butter I have EVER seen...15 lbs! I just about fainted from joy.

I couldn't stay very long, but did stay long enough to see those huge hunks of butter make a ultry large vat of lemon curd. *swoon*

A BIG thank you to the fun + friendly folk that work there...you guys are delightful! Thank you for letting me hang and drool.


  1. thank you for coming to visit. i think they thought i was somebody famous when "my own photographer" showed up!

    Tarts united! Tart at heart!

  2. ohhhhhh, your work is gorgeous! thanks for sharing your talent.

  3. Thank you gina! happy hugs to you. :)