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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

la la laaaa...

Now you all know my love for this wee city of Portland...but as much as I want to wrap my heart around it...I still need to leave it every once in a while. Particularly when it's only November and already all you can see of me when I go out are my eyes. The rest of me is wrapped, bundled, tucked into a great heap of clothing.

The fix for this excessively clothed state is to get my burst of sun soak. This months hefty helping will come in the form of L.A. warmth. I hope she remembers me, it's been a while. We had a couple of laughs a while back.

I will be photographing + collaborating + reconnecting.. OH.. and ICE SKATING on the BEACH!!! This year I am determined to bikini-skate. Smashing my loves of ice and sun into a happy marriage of um...scathing?

I have 1 possibly 2 portrait slots still open {nov 9-12th} if you would like a little green chair goodness to float your way. Christmas is kinda sorta like a little bit, just around the corner...We can get you some stellar cards or create the perfect gift for your wife/father/mother or just because. I will have my schedule pretty set by the end of the week. Holla quick!

cheers Portland, I love ya. Be back in a flash.

L.A. I see you soon.

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  1. Whoa! Stunning shot! Those eyes are so insanely beautiful.