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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


As I sit and look at the little faces I get to photograph, I realize just how many of these children I am actually getting to watch grow up. Two things... 1.) holy mac n' cheese doodles...I feel kinda age-ed! 2.) I'm SO in awe of the process.

A morning spent at a local Starbucks with two children I adore + coffee + 1 giant cookie reminded me that each day with a child is a day to explore your world in a whole new way.

Sabrina and Logan are delights. I watched as they turned a simple Starbuck's cup into a megaphone, a chin warmer, building blocks, a battle weapon....and much more.

Childhood removes labels from our everyday life and allows the possibilities. Thank you jesh de rox and Kathy for reminding me that we can do this not only with objects but with the people we meet.

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