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Thursday, January 17, 2013

two orange brothers | las vegas pet photography

i met her at the ice rink... the mama to these boys. i asked her for a tissue and then we started talking.

have i mentioned lately that i love people? no? hmmm.. then i am remiss indeed,  for a large part of what fuels me in this drive to explore the world are the people i meet and the stories they have to tell.

so i asked samantha if she would be open to be a part of my project.   project? what project you might ask?  or maybe you have just skipped over this and are staring at the cute kitties, ;)  but yes there is an actual project in the works....  the official launching of which is scheduled for march 1st.  *nibbles fingers*  

coffee sips and chats were the order of our next meeting,  but as i arrived at samantha's house....  what to my wondering eyes should appear, but two orange kitties and eight tiny reindeer.   ok scratch that last part.  but the kitties were there and they were cute,  they were orange and they were brothers!  impromptu photo session? yes please!

allow me to introduce... norton + kramden.

this is norton.  aka no-no.
this is kramden, norton's brother (same litter just like my boys) --  'just drop the treat on the bed lady and no one gets hurt'
this is kramden before treats.
this is kramden after treats.
a little balcony time with some nip .. a perfect day.

mmm.. nom nom.. nom..says norton... a shrubbery.
sweet smiling kramden.. he is truly a bundle of loving.
giggle.  giggle giggle giggle.. i kinda sorta LOVE this face.  hi norton.

smile sweet budder kramden...
i think we've had this discussion before.. i require you on bended knee offering me a selection of tasties.
good night norton.

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  1. Orange Boys...wow...gorgeous shoot! ya gettin' better all the tiiiiiimme. PERFECTION!