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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

kate raphael | headshot portland

shocking... simply shocking.   i was asked last year what i love to photograph and what came out of my mouth surprised me. headshots. what? who said that?

it's not that i didn't know i loved working with clients to get them the best image possible for their business.   but i didn't realize how much i enjoyed the full process.

for me it's so much more than a headshot... as entrepreneurs your business is your passion, your love, your brand, your work, your livelihood,  your heart.  and i believe in today's market place it is about who you are, not just what you can do for your client.  your perspective clients want to know you, to feel like when they hire you they already have a sense of who they are working with.

so in turn.. i get to know you.   what turns you on,  lights your days,  makes your heart smile.  what's your 'story'?  how does working with your clients feed your soul?   what colors/styles and clothing makes you feel outstanding.   

then we create a shoot custom for you and your needs.. and at the shoot?  yeah.. i pose you a bit.. but mostly we play and laugh... a lot.   

when my friend asked me this question and i found myself launching into a 30 min passion filled answer,  she just sat back and smiled and said... oh you don't do headshots.. you do 'heartshots'.     ooops...  i guess i do.  

this is kate.  she is totally fantastic.  her work is stellar and her laugh will light up a room.   we did a full day shoot with the talented  makeup artist and good human... jessica belknap on set, coffee flowing and oh yeah.... kittens!

gotta include the outtakes.. just too fun.  love you kate!

 the lovely miss jessica belknap sitting in for light testing... 

oh and i mentioned kittens right? ugh...  too darn cute!
i tried to eat him.. it couldn't be helped.


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