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Sunday, May 3, 2009

a hard days nap

They work hard these furry children of mine. The stress they endure day in day out. Entertain the humans, groom, fluff about, eat, nap, fluff, sleep, groom, rest, eat, snooze... It's a break neck schedule that they strictly adhere to.

This all day cuddle Mosh is what I came home to today. If napping were a sport, Oliver would win every event. Only a snack comes between him and his s'naps.

And yes, they love each other. Snuggling Oliver's tummy is Synnies favorite.

They will be 12 years old in June and I have made a deal with them, they only need to live until 100 and I'll shower them with love every day. Really not too much to ask.

oliver working hard

yes, I'm still sleeping

Then his brother joined in. My little miss-matched book ends.

'hey, watch the paws!"

"oh this brother of mine...."

"OK we're done...go away now."


  1. these are some sexy kitties!!

  2. i am IN LOVE!!! i miss when my kitty had a little lover/friend...those were the days. thanks for posting these! adorable!

  3. Wrecklessgirl... yes. They are my furr loves. Sweetest boys with giant furry hearts.