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Monday, May 11, 2009

a bit of me

{photo credit: talan ross 3yr old genius}


Did you know that you can taste colors? Did you know that ripeness comes in a moment and is gone just as quickly?

Did you know that the heart will heal? Did you know?

Did you know that a moment frozen in time can make you cry… laugh.. or bring you to stillness? Can make your heart race, give it pangs, cause it to weep or have it leap from your chest and swell to say, “yes..YES…love exists!”

There are many paths to the heart. For me, the visual.. movement, art, a line, connection, trash someone tossed aside, that is my brilliance. That is what makes my days livable. That is what allows me to breathe.

Now marry that with music…with action, actors, locations and I am again transported. Given to fits of delight and anxiety, fear and pain, laughter and joy.

In one moment, an ache to reach out and stroke a tender cheek, a longing to hold the one that is wounded or rage at the one who did the wounding.

A well choreographed movie will take you where you didn’t know you could go. Will make you feel what you didn’t know you could feel. Will open you to a life you didn’t know existed two hours before.

Did you know that you can taste colors....that the soft tones washed over life make it what it is... cast a shadow over our days and bring out the flavor?

Did you know that orange is a feeling?

Did you know that I loved you?


  1. You are wonderful. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts.

  2. Thank you sweet friend! It's a teeny bit scary to put the truth of 'you' out there. Thanks for not laughing