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Thursday, February 7, 2013

exposed | why i love you

it's too soon i say... you just posted something personal... really?  must you?  but if i am to work on letting my heart guide me, then yes.. i post.   

... this is why i photograph.  this is why i write.  this is why you make my heart race. 

I want to tell you my life.  I want to wite it all down so that you can see how beautiful you are.  I want to show you in pictures how the light spills across your face.  how the scent of lemon drifts in a sunbeam and how a bit of dark  enhances the light.

I want to show you what I see.  to share with you the burst of joy that runs thru my veins when I see you..  but how do I reach you?  how do I let you know?  will you see if I still hide? 

will you know the joy inside?  will you know the ebb and flow.  will you know I love you so?

you were put here to be.  not to do or accomplish or any other human goal.  but to be.  in that it is enough.  love. care for each other.. keep one another close to your heart.  love the earth as your mother.  for she is.  love your self as a divine for you are.  love is the answer.. but it comes at a price.  we have to give up being right.. and being just for ourselves. we have to give up fear.. doubt and worry.   we have to love to love more that we love to hate.   

tis time to share.   tis time to love.  start with yourself. 

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