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Monday, July 4, 2011

taz + nixie + peaches | happy furr family

taz: ruler of the castle

nixie: puddle of love (expert snuggler)

'why yes i do have blue sparkly toes...thanks for noticing!'

'ummm yeah.. tell me again why we are sitting out here?'

peaches: rockstar showgirl

let me just say it.. people who LOVE their pets rule.

they are the kind of people who's hearts run a little too big, compassion a little too deep and commitment to caring a little too extreme. but that's why i love them..and why photographing their furr babies is the best part of my day.

not only do i get to romp and giggle with cuteness..i get to give pet parents images that will keep their furry loves close to their hearts and minds for all time.

this little crew came from a variety of backgrounds but all have found a home and unending love with their humans.

taz, nixie and peaches..thank you for playing. : )

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