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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dear Santa...

nw 23rd

My facebook status a few days ago, "dear santa, I've been mostly good this year.. please bring me a big ball of snow to play with, thank you!" Well.. I got it! Whooot twooot... oh yeah. snow day deluxe has descended upon the dear city of Portland.

I knew Santa was the man.. but dude.. a whole weeks worth of snow? He is awesome!!

My take on the day; coffee.. munchies.. snow tromping.. sledding... a ride around town on the street car named 'South Waterfront'...a pocket stuffed full of mini candy canes {to be eaten cane end first of course!} ... and a picture perfect city covered in sugar. Everyone I met had a smile on their face. Whole families out with the dogs.. kids and just enjoying the splendor of it all.


Thank you Santa!

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