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Sunday, January 13, 2013

wild horse encounter | cold creek nv

sweetly resting his head in my hands.. nibbling for treats,  i met my first wild mustang.  somehow the term 'wild' wasn't meeting my expectations.. but it was certain that no fences kept this little one bound.

our trip out to cold creek to see the wild horses was a spontaneous decision, encouraged by my step sister and her infections love of exploring nevada.    so with bags packed, water bottles filled, the lot of us piled into the truck and headed out.


turned poser.
howdy y'all.

this is food?

fencing to keep the horses out... not in.

oh be still my heart... fell in love again today.

we walked a bit farther and found another furry crew snoozing by the quite frozen over pond. 

you comin' humans?  

this little love could barely hold his head from tobbling over.   sweet soft snorrie sighs filled the air.

hershey the happy snow dog.

love a lab butt.

the mama.

view from the car window.. -- instructions given.. pitch your head into the center of the car...  to avoid clumping head on side window.

aren't they just the cutest?   they gave me free reign to explore and take as much time and as many photos as i wanted.  i love my family.

hershey and scott guiding us home.
and then .. omgoodness.. stop the car!  at sunset the herds head back to the foothills.. swoon.

good night lovelies... thank you for the bliss.

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