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Thursday, November 5, 2009


When I went to Carmel to visit my father, I knew I would be taking some dog portraits. But I didn't know they would be of Maggie.

My fathers birthday gift, was a portrait session for his two giant furry babies {borzois} + a gift certificate for a session to pass along. Fate stepped in as she so often does, and brought me Maggie.

Maggie is a dream of a girl... a faded butter yellow with two chocolate eyes that melt your heart. From the day her Papa brought Maggie home, they spent each moment together. She went everyday to the job sites with him, watching the homes be built and keeping everyone loved up. She kept her Papa's soul warm through the most difficult of times.

Even though today, her breathing was labored and rough, she wiggled to greet me and played a little with her new sister Miss Lilly.

Maggie has taught Lilly everything she will need to know to carry on the watchful role she had for all these years. But it is time for her to step down. She is loosing her battle with lung cancer and everyday is struggling just a bit more.

I look back at these images and weep for the loss I know her Papa feels. The love they shared was gorgeous and palpable.

Stand down Miss Maggie, you have done your job...cross over to the fields where the fireflies shine and the the sticks are plentiful.

Your family loves you.

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