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Saturday, November 3, 2012

bowzer | the skateboarding bulldog puppy

this is bowzer.  he is cute.  like inaudible high pitched howler monkey cute.

i met him on a sunny summer's day riding his skateboard along the promenade.  we cuddled took photos and then the begging started... no not his...  mine.  puleeez let me photograph this face.  they said yes.   we scheduled a session... this is what happened. 

hey lady.... watcha doin'?

are you ok?  do you need me to come see you?

uh yah.. no.. not interested in any 'high-fives' right now.. but thanks.

ok... for you.. you get a 'fiver'

no botox please.

my mum and dad hold my face like this while i watch t.v.  i love it.. it makes me fall to sleeps.  ZzzzZZ

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  1. aww this is one cutie patootie...are they teaching him to love skateboarding as he grows up? Looks at that adorable face of his!!! i want him for his sweet face too!